Common Building Questions#

This is not a general FAQ per say: it is specific to building. This does not include questions on joining the server or similar questions.

Why are we building on a diagonal / How do diagonals work#

What block should I use for _#

How can I create a building with limited information#

Look for Google 3D imagery, satellite view from Google Maps (or other map services), street view from Google Maps (or other map services), photo spheres, and standard images from the Internet. If you cannot see something from street view you can try rotating around in 3D view. If you cannot use the Google Earth Pro 3D ruler because there is no 3D, you can estimate based on images taken from ground level.

How can I claim an area/building#

Once you become a builder you need claim areas to build for the team. You can see claims on the BTE website. If the area is already claimed by our team you can go straight to building it, provided that someone else is not already building it. If it is claimed by a solo builder you may not build there, and if it is not claimed ask an admin on our team to claim it for you. You need to make two buildings or the equivalent prior. Provide the admin with the lat long coordinates, screenshots, and reference images.

How will I receive credit for my build#

This is a tricky question to answer and there is no definitive answer. All WorldEdit operations and block interactions are logged by the plugin CoreProtect, but it is not a practical or reliable way of giving credit. If you post images and videos of your build on Discord or other platforms more people will know you built it. You can also leave a sign hidden on the inside of your build, but do not spam them. In the future there will be a way to claim and credit builds, but not in the near future.

How can I render my builds#

Read this documentation.