This page is not for adjusting terrain, it is for measuring heights of walls and windows, lengths of roof elements, etc

Google Earth Pro#

A computer is required


Estimate for small things such as suburban windows. If it’s small and you can estimate it, estimate it

  1. Download and install Google Earth Pro

  2. Follow the video below: (You cannot use this technique in street view, Google Maps, or web based Google Earth)

Click Here


Scroll Wheel: Zoom in/out
Left Click + Drag: Pan around
Left Click + CTRL + Drag: Rotate up/down/counter-clockwise/clockwise


By applying logic and experience you will gain, you can estimate the sizes of most things based on street view/images. Estimating is best done through street view, photo spheres, or normal photos.


When estimating, always keep in mind ONE meter cubed IRL is ONE block in Minecraft

Use doors, cars, humans, and other objects you know the size of, then mentally or through photo editing software, compare them to the object you are trying to measure.


Suburban house

Although not all doors are 2 meters tall, this door is clearly a typical door of a suburban house, and is 2 meters tall, therefore 2 blocks tall. By comparing the door to the window on the left, we can tell the height of the window is half the height of the door, and therefore 1 block tall. Using the same logic the window is 2 blocks wide, the window on the right is 1.5 blocks tall, and the windows on the second floor are 1 block wide, 1 block tall.