How To Start Building#

Joining the Minecraft Server |

  • JAVA: Download the modpack installer for your operating system from the bte faq, then watch this installer tutorial video. Go to the Multiplayer tab, click Add Server, and for the Server Address enter The Server Name can be anything you want. Click Done and double click the newly added server in the list.

  • Bedrock: There is currently no bedrock support, however this is likely to change, so keep a close eye on our Discord

When joining the server you will be prompted to link your account. Follow the directions given on your screen or in the chat, then rejoin the Minecraft server.

Going to the Application Area#

We have designated application areas for builders to create a trial build. You can build anywhere in the Northeastern US after you have been accepted. Where you choose to make your application area does not matter in the future.

  1. Type the command /apply in chat

  2. If you are in spectator mode you will be automatically teleported to the Suburban application area, else pick an application area: Suburban or Urban

If you want to choose a different application area, or you weren’t given a choice, use the command /apply again.

Choosing a Building#

  1. Fly around in the application area in Minecraft and find an area with no building below you

  2. Use the command /terra where and open the Google Maps link. The map is your Minecraft location in real life

Creating Outline#

Example: Creating an outline

Mark each corner of the building, then select the two corners of and connect them for each wall with //line. We use //line to create a straight line at any angle.

This command uses a pattern. For this case use a single block pattern.


//line <pattern>

Example for yellow wool:

//line 35:4
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Creating Walls#

  • Measure the height of the walls. You can quickly stack up the walls with WorldEdit by following the example below. Alternatively you can simply place blocks by hand.

Example: Stacking up walls

Select the entire outline and the height of the wall above it. <mask> and <pattern> are the block ID for the single block pattern you used creating the outline. The > is an offset mask.


//replace ><mask> <pattern>

Example for yellow wool:

//replace >35:4 35:4

Adding House Features#

Keep in mind ONE Minecraft block is the equivalent of ONE METER cubed in real life. If a window is 1 meter tall IRL, then it should be one block tall in Minecraft, even if it might look weird to you.

You should now have a basic “shell” of the building.


Building in BTE is tricky, you can ask in our Discord for tips and questions, and you can submit your application multiple times

You should now have a completed building!

  • Submit the build here and use imgur to create links from images


For the question “URL to screenshots(s) of previous builds…” use your newly created build